Challenge: Tuesday Morning has always been a well-loved brand among its tried-and-true loyalists. Now it was time to get the message to a younger, digital consumer who has a new perspective on the retail experience.

Strategy: Through a deep dive into Tuesday Morning’s existing social footprint and a hard look at the competitive set, we discovered a large untapped younger population of bargain hunters who were exhibiting social and buying habits that were right in line with Tuesday Morning’s message of great brands at bargain prices. High propensity for social engagement, a reliance on friends for shopping advice and a fierce dedication to self expression opened the door to a new digital strategy focusing on Tuesday Morning’s ability to bring style, luxury, value and individuality to our target customer’s home — whether that’s a single-family bungalow or a studio apartment.

Solution: With a wide-reaching set of owned media at our disposal, we built a multi-touch platform focusing on Tuesday Morning’s 40th anniversary in the business. Running multiple giveaways and promotions simultaneously, all centered around the common hashtag #TAMturns40, we asked fans to tell us everything from their favorite Mother’s Day gift to the perfect spring break location. Using all our channels to accelerate the message, we put email and home page placements to work, driving participants to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enter.

Results: In the first hour of the promotion, Tuesday Morning added 12,000 new Facebook followers — an increase of 20% — and had 1,200 comment entries into the contest. In the end, we had more than 3,000 entries, and for the first time ever broke 70,000 Facebook fans. And all for the price of a $40 gift card.

The Results

GDD-3004_TAMturns40_Case Study_Results_1001