Challenge: National retailer Tuesday Morning needed a content strategy to attract both loyal and new shoppers to its website, while giving them a reason to come back again and again.

Strategy: Knowing that one of the most reliable ways to reach a crafter is through her trusted go-to mommy bloggers, we reached out to star crafting blogger Vanessa Wilson, The Crafty Gemini. Though we could have found her through influencer research tools, we instead noticed that her website was sending the third-largest volume of traffic to It was easy to see that she was already a fan of Tuesday Morning and, even better, was directing her loyal followers to the site. We simply invited her to kick it up a notch by joining forces with us to celebrate craft month.

“I’ve been in the store before and it was a total disaster. I love that store now. Thank you for posting your video, which got me to go in.

Reactivated Tuesday Morning Brand Fan

Solution: It didn’t take much convincing to get Vanessa to head to her local Tuesday Morning and spend a few hours breezing up and down the aisles, clearing out inventory of everything from sewing machine needles to stamping inkpads to velvet-covered coat hangers. We shared her video across every channel we could get our hands on: her blog, her YouTube channel, Tuesday Morning’s blog and home page, social channels and emails.

Results: Within days of Vanessa’s video hitting the scene, we began to get reports from store managers saying, “Someone just came into my store and bought ALL my sewing needles because she said she saw a video online.”

The comments on Vanessa’s YouTube channel blew up with encouraging comments like: “I just this past week discovered Tuesday Morning and I love it! I picked up a bag full of scrapbooking supplies for about 20% of what they would have cost me somewhere else. Awesome!”

In the weeks that followed other customers made their own videos of their shopping hauls at Tuesday Morning. Same-store sales of some of the items Vanessa showcased in her video increased by as much as 20%.

The Results

GDD-3004_TAM Crafty Gemini_Case Study_Results_1001

The Response

“I had never heard of this store until you told us about it. I found one right here in my town!”
New Tuesday Morning Brand Advocate