Drawing Visitors in to a Vibrant Entertainment District

Downtown Fort Worth’s central entertainment district, Sundance Square, already attracts millions of visitors. So how do you spread the word even further to draw in new customers and promote more frequent visits from current customers? A fully redesigned website with better UX, along with a series of digital media campaigns driving more than 100,000 users (80% new) to the site.

Challenge: Inspire New & Repeat Visitors

Sundance Square’s website was several years old, so it didn’t take advantage of the newest approaches to user experience and site architecture. Important information about things to do was hidden in several layers of search and navigation. There are new events in the district every day, but the site wasn’t keeping up.

The challenge was twofold:

  1. Increase awareness of Sundance Square as a viable destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.
  2. Increase repeat visits from those already familiar with Sundance Square.

The Fort Worth region is one of the fastest growing in the United States. New populations moving into the area may know a bit about Fort Worth, and downtown workers may even visit Sundance Square on lunch breaks, but most people in Fort Worth and outside of it are not familiar with the full depth of things to do in the entertainment district. Sundance Square is also competing against a vast array of entertainment centers and malls across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Solution: Website & Media Campaigns

A new website, combined with paid media (display and PPC) and paid social, created a seamless digital experience to put Sundance Square quickly in front of more people searching for things to do and give them all the details in an exciting, easy-to-use format.

Giving Website Users What They Need, When They Need It

Full-Screen Map: The Google-Maps-based interactive map of Sundance Square, once activated, fills the user’s entire screen on desktop and mobile devices. As categories are selected in the left, the list of venues on the right changes to show just venues of that category type. Site visitors can see at a glance if the venue is currently open, as well as find nearby parking and valet stands.


Venue Details: When a user clicks through to an individual venue, they not only see large, beautiful images and key information, but also two additional venue selections. This feature is meant to constantly remind visitors that for every location they visit in Sundance Square, there is always more to explore.

We designed the content management system (CMS) to allow Sundance Square site admins to easily control these suggestions. By hand-picking the suggested venues, they can ensure optimal pairings, such as dining suggestions to go with live theatre.

Events Calendar: Sundance Square holds hundreds of events throughout the year, making the events calendar a key area of the site.

Rather than the predictable calendar or list format, we employed a forward-looking, scrolling events listing that takes advantage of the vibrant imagery accompanying events, while still making it easy to browse through events by week, month, and year as well as event type.


Video on Every Page: We decided to use Sundance Square’s video assets on every page to create the feeling of a live view into the action taking place at all times of the day and night. The video on the home page even changes from day scenes to night scenes after 6 P.M.


Targeting New Visitors Via Media Campaigns

PPC & Display: With a majority of Sundance Square’s consumer base reaching those within a 45-minute drive, we created a tightly geo-targeted awareness and frequency campaign aimed at online users who look and act like Sundance Square’s demographic using first- and third-party data. PPC placements ensured Sundance Square restaurants and shops showed up in micro-moment searches such as “steak restaurant near me,” (a five-mile radius), and both PPC and display ads targeted searchers looking for things to do in Fort Worth, concert venues to visit and more.

Social Drivers: Paid social provided a valuable way to reach potential new visitors. Carousel ads and video ads promoted awareness and education among Facebook users similar to Sundance Square fans. Paid ads also reminded previous Sundance Square visitors of its variety of options to draw them back in for repeat visits.


The website redesign and media campaigns have resulted in:

  • Decreased overall site bounce rate of 13%
  • Increased average time on page by 32%
  • Digital media (PPC and display) drove almost 100K users to the site (80% new visitors) with an average 30% on-site engagement rate
  • Paid social media with video and carousel ads on Facebook drove nearly half of annual traffic and 1,500 additional page likes