Shining a light on Sun Tan City click-throughs

Challenge: For the first time in its company history, Sun Tan City was ready to leverage digital channels to drive new member sign ups. Without in-store scanners to allow for proper tracking of offers, they needed a way to incent customers to not only take the offer, but to carry through with it at their local salon. In turn, Tanning Consultants could track the purchase to measure success.

Strategy: Tanning customers are young, social and mobile. We knew they were more likely to accept an offer on their phone than they would be to print an offer, and we knew that customers who have something in their hands are far more likely to complete a transaction than those who don’t.

Solution: Not wanting to rely on customers printing an offer out and bringing it to salons, we instead created an instant-delivery text message platform that allowed customers to enter their phone number and receive the offer via text message.

We promoted the offer across Sun Tan City’s digital channels including display, pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook newsfeed and side rail, and on their website. Media was targeted to both desktop and mobile. All media clicked through to custom landing pages, prominently displaying the offer and text-for-offer form.

Results: Display ad click-through rates were 30% higher than industry average and display offer conversion topped out at a whopping 17%. PPC click-through rates hit an astronomical 9% — beating standard average PPC click–through rates by greater than 200%. Offer conversions from PPC were greater than 10%.

The Results