Getting eCommerce rolling for iconic auto brand Pep Boys

Challenge: National auto parts and service retailer Pep Boys needed to put 100,000 SKUs online, but they didn’t stop there. In addition, they needed customers to be able to ship parts to their homes, ship to their local store for pickup, or buy parts online and then schedule to have them installed in one of Pep Boy’s expert technician service bays. And did we mention tire installation?

Strategy: We developed a stepwise approach for an entire overhaul of the Pep Boys online experience. While infrastructure and system design work were underway, we plotted a course to an online shopping experience by creating a new visual language that clearly differentiated between information elements, product elements and purchase queues.

We also developed a distinct UI approach to purchasing and scheduling, making it clear to consumers that they have multiple ways to buy and install a product. We incorporated results for user experience field-testing and rapid prototyping to ensure a smooth experience.

Solution: Over a 12-month period, we systematically introduced new visual design elements to consumers to prepare the site for eCommerce without creating an unsettling experience of repeat customers. We first introduced a new navigation structure that was looking forward to eCommerce by splitting the site into parts, tires and service. In preparation for eCommerce we developed product search results and detail pages that displayed complex information about fit, size, model, etc. — everything but the “buy now” button. At the same time, we developed a fully-integrated checkout process that allows customers to purchase a product, ship it to the closest store and schedule installation in one easy process.

Results: Pep Boys went from a brick-and-mortar-only retailer to a powerhouse eCommerce player, bringing in $100MM in online revenue per year.

The Results

GDD-3004_Pep Boys_Case Study_Results_1001