Challenge: During the busy tanning season, waiting lines for a sunbed or sunless booth can be out the door. Sun Tan City needed a way to reduce the lines while getting more members into salons.

Strategy: MySunTanCity had already taken form as a desktop solution through which customers could manage their account, buy upgrades and — best of all — check sunbed and booth availability to get in line before arrival. But customers were clamoring for a mobile solution that allowed them to see wait times at salons in their area and easily get in line with just a tap. So we introduced the MySunTanCity app.

Solution: We stripped MySunTanCity’s functionality down to the bare minimum, removing anything that didn’t aid the check-in process. Once we had a disciplined feature list that we were confident could get a member from wait time to checked-in within seconds, we began developing the interface to match. The initial screen is a map, automatically centered around the user’s location, showing all salons in the area and the average wait times. From there, it’s a simple matter to pick a bed or booth and check in. Users can purchase upgrades to a higher level of equipment, as well as additional add-ons like sunless tanning products.

Results: Since launching this simple but incredibly functional app for Sun Tan City members, lines have decreased, eCommerce conversion metrics are beating internal projections, and Sun Tan City has leaped ahead of anyone in the industry as the first to have used technology in such an innovative and impactful way.

The Results

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